“In 2015 I had a partial right knee replacement.  Fortunately, my surgeon sent me to John Berryhill for therapy after my initial two week recovery period at home.  John is sympathetic and understanding, but he won’t let you get by with less than your best for that day.  Replacement knee surgery will never be called fun, but the happy atmosphere and support from staff and other clients as each goal was met moved me forward.  I was almost sorry when my therapy came to an end.  I did not miss the pain, very little by then, but I missed the people,

In 2017 I had a total left knee replaced.  I returned to John after the two weeks in a recovery facility.  This time things did not go as easily or as well.  John worked with me, encouraging me each day to push a little harder, using his amazing book of tricks to get me to go just a bit further than I thought I could.  But we ran into a wall. At six weeks post surgery, my surgeon, John, and I decided I would need too have it manipulated.  This trip to the hospital was the key that unlocked my stubborn knee.  John met me the day after manipulation and the next day, which was a Saturday, even though the office was closed.  I was back the following Monday, and we steadily moved forward.

When I was at my lowest, John never gave up on me.  He encouraged, reassured me that together we could do it, and set up a routine designed just for me.  John and his assistant Ty met me with smiles and greetings that were genuine and showed me how much they cared about me and training my knee to work better than it had before surgery.  And together we did it.  This time when therapy came to an end, it was hard not to cry.  Everyone in the office, everyone, has become a friend.  I have never met a therapist and his staff who invest so much in their clients.  I was never a number or an appointment at such and such a time three days a week.  From the first day I was Pat, and my knee became OUR project.

My right knee is now deteriorating and at some point will have to be fully replaced.  This time I will have a much better plan in place.  I will start working with John the day after I leave the hospital.  He makes home visits, and I intend to avail myself of them.  I cannot imagine going to any other therapist.  I have worked with many, but Berryhill Therapy is by far the best.

I miss my visits:  I miss the friends I made there, both staff and fellow clients.  Thank you all for the excellent, personal, supportive, caring therapy you provided.  Thank you for your friendship.”

-Patricia Andreasen

“After having a full knee replacement I have gone to Berryhill Physical Therapy for rehabilitation.  They have helped me recover better than I would have imagined.  They are caring and thorough and have gone above and beyond to make sure I reach full recovery.  I would highly recommend them.”

-Connie Holbrook